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2022 Harvest Report

If anything has clearly marked the 2022 vintage in Toledo, this has been the high temperatures and low rainfall, especially at the end of spring.

We started the year with an excellent Autumn, experiencing enough rainfall for the plants to recover after the 2021 harvest. Likewise, the first part of the winter was very cold and dry, which was very favourable for floral growth. On the other hand, the second part of winter was marked by milder temperatures that favoured the early budding of the vineyard.

It was at the beginning of spring when the weather put the campaign into question with a series of late frosts at the beginning of April with the vineyard already in the budding process. However, our vineyards, located at higher altitudes ensured that they did not suffer damage from frost, but this was not the case in other wine and fruit growing areas of the province.

The first part of spring was rainy, thus ending the winter drought cycle and allowing the vines optimal development before flowering and fruit set.

High temperatures arrived earlier than usual, reaching record heat figures in May and no rainfall. However, véraison began around mid-July, on the usual dates for our area. In short, the summer has turned out to be very dry, with a total absence of rainfall.

Our harvest started week of August 24th, the same week as in 2021. Slightly lower yields and lower alcohol levels, along with smaller berries, have marked the 2022 vintage. We are expecting well-structured wines, with intense colour and aromas and milder alcohol levels.

Indeed our old bush vines have had to fight harder for water this year; along with our strive for biodiversity and organic farming this is how Pinuaga combats climate change.

A regular day of harvest starts at 2.30 am , this is when our workers get to the fields. Night harvest allows us to bring in grapes which are cool and fresh. At the same time our workers do not suffer from the heat during the day.

All our grapes are harvested by hand in small cases of 10-15 kilos. Once we receive the grapes at the winery, we unload them onto a sorting table and discard any bunches that do not meet our quality standards. Check our Instagram for live videos of 2022 harvest.


To know the process to first hand, go our instagram account.