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60 Years of Organic Farming in Toledo, Spain

In 1960 Valentin Pinuaga Salazar, first generation of winemakers in our family, established the winery in the village of Corral de Almaguer, province of Toledo.  It was then when we first planted special clones of Tempranillo / Cencibel with smaller grains, silky skin and longer ripening cycles.

Today , the second  and third generation of the Pinuaga family Valentin & Esther, maintain the old vines with much care and pride.


We are proud to count with the second generation of vignerons in our family who provide wisdom and expertise, along with the fresh and vital spirit of the youngest team. All of us make this project a reality.


Our team focuses on crafting organic wines with a sense of place, capable of expressing the diversity in soils, grape variety, climate and biodiversity of the environment.